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Speaker Beeper 1.0.2 Has Been Released on the App Store

Speaker Beeper, the simple, intuitive app designed specifically for public speakers, has been updated to completely support iOS 6 and the iPhone 5.

Speaker Beeper, the Public Speaker’s Professional Timer

(PRWEB) October 03, 2012

Speaker Beeper is a super-high-quality, fast, simple and useful countdown timer, geared entirely towards public speakers.

What makes Speaker Beeper unique amongst the dozens of timers available for iOS apps (besides the speed, quality and extremely small download size), is the “Podium Mode” feature, in which the timer display consists of only 3 “lights,” in the manner of many public assemblies, debates and governmental deliberative bodies.

Nothing else is displayed. No distractions at all. Anyone who has ever used a standard countdown timer to clock their oration can immediately grasp the importance of having no distracting displays or “moving parts.”

The timer is incredibly simple to program, and the “Podium Mode” display was designed specifically to remove any and all distractions to the speaker.

Device Requirements:

  •     iPhone, iPad or iPod, running iOS 5.0 or greater (Speaker Beeper works very nicely on iPads).
  • There are no network or GPS requirements.
  • Speaker Beeper requires very few device resources (such as storage space, memory or CPU).


Pricing and Availability:


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