Social Media Marketing

Reach Out to Potential Customers & Engage Existing Ones

Social Media is one of the best ways to stay connected to your customers and to attract potential customers. With Social Media Marketing, you can engage with your customers and develop a more personal and long lasting relationship. People today are constantly on Facebook and Twitter and YouTube. Therefore, so should your business.

The best part of all, these social media sites are free, and there’s nothing better than free advertising. Logic Web Media utilizes these outlets to give your business maximum connectivity from your web site.


Important Elements of Social Media Marketing


We Keep it Simple

Just because there’s dozens of social networking sites (most of which no one cares about), doesn’t mean you should sign up for all of them. Many will be a waste of time and time is money. Here at Logic Web Media, we found that by signing up for a few important ones and focusing time and energy on them is the best way to market your business through social media.


  • Stay relevant
  • Simplify your engagement
  • Marketing based on demographic

We Schedule Time Wisely

It’s not necessary to spend hours a day on social networking sites… we save that bad habit for our personal accounts. Our social media team is smart and organized. We spend our time wisely and yield great results. With a personalized calendar for your business in place, we will be able to post and share regularly without huge gaps of time or overdoing it and being annoying.


  • Know what’s trending
  • Organized engagement, organized results
  • Spend time where it matters

We have the Right Tools

With social media monitoring and management software, we are able to see what social networking sites are driving traffic to your site, as well as your increases/decreases of followers. Utilizing analytics allows us to audit and analyze your traffic. Understanding the demographics of your site and how it relates to social media is a great starting point to build on.


  • Advanced analytics
  • Organized tracking software
  • Simple to read reports

Stop Spending Money

No one likes ads. And if you can’t get decent organic results, you might want to revamp your strategy by having our social media marketing team work it out for you. Ads are meant to trick people into finding your site. Although it may work on a few people, it’s only a temporary solution that is really just fancy (and expensive) spamming. Save your money and your brand’s face.


  • Organic traffic
  • Organic search results
  • Optimize for conversion

We Monitor Social Engagement

With every update, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are getting more slick about how we interact. It may start slow at first, but every like and share can snowball into more followers, likers, commenters, and so on. It’s important to watch where the momentum is taking off from, as well as where it dies. There are statistics on networks such as Facebook that we interpret to help us decide how to strategically place and create your social media content. If (for some bizarre reason) that cat meme posted on a Thursday with a winky emoticon gets 847 views, we roll with it and remember it for next week.


  • Track your progress
  • Interpret results
  • Adjust, optimize, duplicate, repeat!

Add some Email Marketing to your strategy.

We will coordinate a great design with perfect timing
to communicate with your new and existing customers.

Effective Email Marketing.

Email marketing is quick, easy, and cheap. It is an effective way to engage your loyal customers, as well as acquiring new ones. The benefits come from both quantity and quality: The number of people you can reach is countless, and the personalization of the email will pique your customer’s interest and create a deeper interest.

Logic Web Media’s Email Marketing goal is to bring you new business, and meet your business goals. Our Email Marketing strategies will take your campaigns to a whole new level.

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