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Many websites remain invisible to search engines without SEO.
Logic Web Media’s talented team will bring your site out of the dark, and into the light!


What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

Simply put, SEO is a way of organizing your site’s content, coding, and links in a way that helps your results in search engines. When your site is optimized for keywords and your content is rich with valid and relevant information, search engines will be able to recognize your website as a good response to search queries. Where your website ends up in the results is known as your site’s “ranking.” The higher your site ranks, the more traffic your web site will receive. This is very good for business, considering 93% of online experiences begin with search engines.

We lay the  groundwork of SEO services in the development stages of your web site, and continue to build upon that framework after your site is completed. Additionally, we can optimize your existing website to improve your web presence and search rank.

Many websites remain invisible to search engines without SEO services. Logic Web Media’s talented team will bring your site out of the dark, and into the light!

“Do I Need Professional SEO Services?”

“I Want More Web Traffic”

Having a website doesn’t mean people will be able to find it in search engines. There is likely to be thousands of sites that have the same product, services or topics as yours. Quality SEO services can help your site become more visible when people search for topics related to your business.

Keeping your website search engine optimize will ensure better traffic, search results, and will improve your conversion rates.


  • Increase traffic
  • Boost search visibility
  • Improve keyword ranking

“I Use Paid Ads”

Save your money. Anywhere from 70% to 80% of Google users will ignore paid ads. Furthermore, the majority of users are likely to click on the #1, 2, or 3 organic result. Your best bet for web traffic is having your site in those spots. While paid ads can guarantee first page listing, the placement on the page will do nothing for your efforts. Overall, having your site rank even anywhere on the first or second page of Google results will bring you more traffic than paid ads will.


  • Spend less
  • Better results
  • Foster strong organic rankings

“I Use Social Media To Generate Traffic”

Awesome! That’s a great practice. Social networking is good for free advertisement and keeping your customers engaged. However, search engines are the #1 driver of traffic to sites, making SEO your best friend. At Logic, our SEO services includes integrating social media sites to your website and your personalized optimization plan. Also, as part of our SEO services, we stay on top of recent updates in the world of search engines so that we can use you social media reach to your advantage in search engines.


  • Let us help your social media efforts
  • Integrate social media to your site

“Can I Do SEO Myself?”

The question isn’t “can I,” it’s “should I.” And no…you shouldn’t. The world of SEO is constantly changing. Practices that were in place even a year ago are frowned upon by the Google bots and can (in some cases) be considered spamming. It takes SEO professionals to be able to stay on top of changes and implement them for your site. Also, SEO can be very time consuming. We have the necessary tools to work on optimization as a priority to improve your web presence.


  • We keep up with Google algorithm changes
  • We stay on top of trends
  • We implement modern SEO techniques

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