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Monkey of the Month December: Joe Siconolfi

One of the new features we are adding to our blog is what we fondly call “Monkey of The Month”! Each month I will be interviewing a different employee and sharing their story with cyberland. This month’s Monkey is Mr. Joe Siconolfi!


Joe, A Designing Machine!

Joe is our Lead Designer here at Logic Web Media and has been with us since December 2015. Holding a Bachelor’s in art/design and a Master’s in Business, Joe basically tackles all aspects of the visual design process. This includes visual, print, interactive design, and branding. He’s been in the design biz for over six years, having previously worked for MTV and Spongecell.


Joe Designing a Website

Mighty Joe Monkey

On his position here with his fellow Web Monkeys, Joe says he loves “getting to be creative and everything in that process that goes with it. I’m fascinated with the notion that something I create will have an emotional impact…knowing this I strive to put good design back into the world everyday. Design is my passion, my life and I’m damn proud and honored to be able to do this every day.”


At Home With Joe

Aside from designing all of our amazing websites, Joe is passionate designing in his spare time too. He likes designing things for his friends as well as posters for bands and local events. More of his interests include collecting vinyl records and video gaming. He seems pretty confident in his abilities too, as he is “willing to accept any challengers in a 1v1 battle royal in Goldeneye, Super Smash Brothers or any of the Skate games.” I’ll pass, only because my scope doesn’t go far beyond Super Mario Bros. 3, and I’m a sore loser.

Mr. Siconolfi seems happy to have settled here on Long Island after living in Florida during and after college, and then working in the big, bad, apple. He now lives in Huntington with his girlfriend of 5 years, and is thankful that he can spend more time with her since he doesn’t have to commute every day.


Part of my interview process is that I ask each Monkey these 4 pressing questions:

1. See this big dry erase board? What should we write on it?
Joe: “In order to save their home from foreclosure, a group of misfits set out to find a pirate’s ancient valuable treasure. However, what they don’t know is that a trio of Italian-American criminals are also trying to grab hold of the gold. Hijinks ensue.” I love a good story!

2. What do you feel separates our company from the other design companies out there?
Joe: “We have a monkey for a logo and a passion in our hearts™.” Trademark noted, Sir.

3. If you could add one thing to our office, what would it be?
Joe: “The heads of our enemies. Or a really nice plant. Either would work.” I’m disturbed. That’s two things.

4. What is the name of our Monkey Mascot?
Joe:“Harambe the 2nd”. Too soon, buddy. Too soon.


If you’d like to learn more about Joe, or just stalk him, follow him on Twitter @LogicWM_Joe