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Monkey of the Month January: Joey Masterson

It is hard to imagine how Logic Web Media would operate without this month’s Monkey. From handling a myriad of office responsibilities to entertaining staff with 3 pm slump cartwheels, this guy is a major component of what makes us tick. Let’s give it up for January 2017’s Monkey of the Month, Joseph Masterson!


Office Fun at Logic Web Media

Get to Know Joe

Joseph, or Joey as he is usually called, was born and raised in the town of Lindenhurst. He has been working with Logic Web Media since April of 2014. Mr. Masterson has a history of working in a customer service environment having previously been with a vitamin marketing company. That probably served as strong motivation for him, because he’s always equipped with the best supplements that he generously shares with the staff. Joey earned his Bachelor’s Degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology. There he studied advertising and marketing communications, which has really come into play with his work here at Logic.


As our Marketing Strategist, Joey has various responsibilities. Some of his job duties include updating websites, managing clients’ billing, and a lot of administrative responsibilities. As far as client relationships go, Joey really keeps them functioning so well. He’s the “voice” of our company because he discusses all of our clients’ marketing goals with them. The support he provides our clients is genuine, thoughtful, and smart. Joey works directly with our clients in a manner that efficiently helps their companies achieve the results they want. He helps our clients stay with us, and we are all quite grateful for that. Joey seems to really enjoy his work, and that shows in his office demeanor. He is so funny and joyful that it spreads to everyone. Joey says that his favorite thing about the work that he does here is actually that he gets to work with “really fun people” as well as “the diverse types of businesses that we provide services to”.


Go, Go, Go Joe!

Aside from being an extreme marketer, billing expert, and office extraordinaire, Joey has a wide array of hobbies and interests. He is all about fashion and claims that he shops way more than he should. When it comes to rest and relaxation, Joey loves chilling at the beach or on boats when the Summer rolls around. And even when it doesn’t, Joey will take his act on the road and travel somewhere where he gets what he needs. Joey prides himself on being a world traveler and loves seeing a different place as much as he possibly can. He advises that everyone goes somewhere they have never been at least once a month. Joey’s next adventure is to explore Spain, and I’m straight up jealous!


Part of my interview process is that I ask each Monkey these 4 pressing questions:

1.See that big dry erase board over there? What should we write on it?
Joey: A lunch schedule.
Yes! Knowing which days we order from which restaurant in advance would be very helpful.

2. What do you feel separates our company from the other design companies out there?
Joey: We are always fair with our clients and believe doing the right thing will always get your further.
I completely agree, Joey. Since I’ve worked here I have really taken note of our level of integrity versus many other companies. It is really great for company morale!

3.What is the name of our Monkey Mascot?
Joey: Mono
“Mono the Monkey”? I like the alliteration, but it kind of sounds like he’s sick, no?

4. If you could add one thing to the office, what would it be?
Joey: A Commercial espresso machine
That sounds heavenly, actually. More energy for more office monkey business!