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Monkey of the Month: Annie

I have to admit, I have a special place in my heart for this month’s Monkey. We’ve been good friends for several years, and she recommended me for my position here. Over the years that she’s worked here, I’ve noticed how much she’s grown professionally and personally. It has become increasingly clear to me how much she believes in her job, and how happy she is doing what she does. I often said to myself, “Wow, I wish I had a job like that.” And now, because of her, I do! Without any further ado, I give you AnnMarie Minichiello!


We Got Annie

AnnMarie, or Annie as she is affectionately called, has been with Logic Web Media for four years. Hailing from Holbrook, Web Development wasn’t exactly what she had in mind for a career. In fact, she was studying a completely different field by pursuing a Masters and eventual PhD in Criminal Psychology. I’m sure while she was in school Annie learned some skills that actually help her deal with some of the monkey business around our offices. Anyway, Annie says that “coding was never a thing on my horizon, but it has become something that I am passionate about. I am constantly learning and striving to be better.” Being better at what she does is hard to imagine from an outside viewpoint. In just the four years that she’s been at LWM, Annie has advanced to the position of Lead Developer and SEO Strategist. Pretty impressive stuff for someone who never thought of doing this kind of work in the first place.


AnnMarie Minichiello on her Birthday at Logic Web Media

Annie Says Ohm

Annie seems to get a lot out of her position, and not just professionally. Her career gives her peace of mind as she equates coding a site to being her personal “zen garden”. “While researching, learning, and implementing, I am the most satisfied,” she says. The feeling of belief in her work extends to the other employees here as well. She adds that “I love my coworkers most of all. We are essentially a group of friends that care about our business together and are working hard to make it grow.” I completely agree!


At Home with Annie

Annie isn’t all code and ethics, but she has a life outside of the office as well. When not building incredible websites, Annie lives in Deer Park. While there she is probably reading, cooking, or chilling with her cat, Carl. She has also taken up the hobby of refurbishing old furniture. It’s fun for AnnMarie to turn “random household items and upcycling them into other things. It’s been a fun new venture to create something that can be useful or just a funky addition to my living room.” Aside from that Annie has enjoyed painting and drawing for the majority of her life.


Part of my interview process is that I ask each Monkey these 4 pressing questions:

1.See that big dry erase board over there? What should we write on it?
Annie: I moved your desk. Now the dry erase board is mine! Shoot ME an idea!!! Mwahaha!!!
Well played, my dear. I’d like to see some kind of progress tracking in relation to clientele maybe. A chart indicating how everyone is doing. That, or let’s play pictionary!

2. What do you feel separates our company from the other design companies out there?
Annie: In my experience thus far, the thing that separates us the most is our integrity. We believe strongly in business karma. We treat all clients fairly and we charge our services appropriately. I have seen other companies use confusing tech-talk and jargon to get away with charging (or simply overcharging) for things that clients don’t need. There have been instances where people want to pay us for something that we feel wouldn’t benefit their business. In these situations we will find a better solution or even turn them away. It is more important to us to have strong client relationships and be effective in our work, than to disingenuously take someone’s money.
I can back all of that up. Our team does the right thing not only by providing an exceptional service, but by doing the right thing by our clients. Business karma is certainly in full effect here at LWM.

3.What is the name of our Monkey Mascot?
Annie: Mr. Banana Grabber
Um. I have many things to say here, but I’ll just keep my comments to myself.

4. If you could add one thing to the office, what would it be?
Annie: I would add an inspiration room. I imagine those hammock chairs hanging from the ceiling, book shelves floor to ceiling, chalk/white boards, toys laying around, music softly playing, etc. We need a place where we can take a breath and explore ideas. Although we do that in our main work area, the inspiration room will be a place where the talk of current projects and other distractions are left at the door.
I love this idea. It would be cool to have a place to escape within the office, although I don’t think we ever even have the time because we’re such busy monkeys!


If you would like to learn more about Ms. Minichiello, follow her on Twitter @LogicWM_Annie