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The Logical Job: 4 Cool Things About Our Web Design Company

I’ve been working as the SEO Content Writer here at Logic Web Media for just over a month. Blogging, writing, and web crawling is not new to me, but working in web development is. It’s new and exciting! I’ve observed some cool things about our web design company. Here’s 4 of my favorite:


1. Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

The staff here at Logic is on point. I’m pretty impressed with the focus that everyone has. It’s clear that everyone is getting their tasks accomplished. We have Joe designing away with the latest software and creating incredible graphics. Kristine, our social media marketing expert is posting, posting, posting. AnnMarie is the “Jane of All Trades”, working closely with our fearless leader Adam to get our sites live and looking sharp. She’s our Lead Developer and not only coding until she can see only in html, but she also strategizes all of our sites’ SEO. Joey is not only overseeing all marketing aspects of the company, but he is also busy publishing posts, and regularly speaking with clients to help them establish their goals. It’s an incredibly committed group of people who all have one thing in common: the success of our client’s business.


2. Clients Come First

My professional background includes a lot of customer service, so I know my subject. I’m really fortunate to be on a team that treats our clients’ needs with respect and priority. Our customer service skills are pretty much above and beyond. I’ve noticed how Joey and Kristine speak with our clients. They are professional, kind, and expeditious. If they direct a client to Adam, I know that the client is going to get exactly what is right for them. Adam expresses what will be best for each company’s site. I’ve worked in environments in which the boss dupes clients into paying more than they need to in order to increase their own bank account. Adam establishes trust and care with each client, and I respect and admire that. I’m not just trying to earn brownie points here, here’s some testimonials from some of our clients:

“Logic Web Media has been amazing to work with. From initial website design to search engine optimization, they have been creative and instrumental in not only driving web traffic to our site, but developing an engaging user interface that visitors can utilize to learn about our company and our offerings. Adam and his staff are always available to answer questions and always provide a quick turnaround when adding items and content to the site. I highly recommend them for anyone looking to develop or refine an existing website and help maximize traffic to that site.”
-Mike Perll, Naples Security Solutions


“Adam and his team are professional, creative, quick, and very fair with their fees. I have gone through many websites and have finally found my guy with Logic Web Media. I have gotten so many compliments on our site. It is a business’s most valuable investment. Highly recommend them!”
-Scott Blyer, Cameo Surgery Center

“We are absolutely thrilled with the service Logic Web Media provided for us. Our business struggled for years to develop a strong web presence and within just a couple of weeks, Adam and his team created the perfect website for us. Throughout the entire process, they were very patient and thorough with us .Our experience with them was a pleasure and I’d absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for web design help.”
-Daniel Gordon Foster Gordon


3. Pickin’ Up Good Vibrations

The environment of my workspace is important to me. I need to feel comfortable, yet productive. The design and layout of our office is well thought-out in order to inspire a certain quality of design work. It’s tastefully decorated with black leather furniture and black and white desks. The walls are each painted differently; one a rich orange, the next grey. No coincidence that the colors are similar to our logo. Coffee (Cafe Bustelo, yo) is pretty much always brewing, and aromatherapy candles stay lit throughout the day creating a pleasing aroma throughout the space. The sounds of fingers tapping on keyboards combined with the selected playlist from Pandora make for productive sound effects. One of my favorite things about our decor is the fact that we have steel fans and lights hanging from the ceiling, accompanied by exposed pipes that are painted black. The Logic office reminds me of a New York City fashion design space. In short: I dig it.


4. The Work’s The Thing

At the end of the day, none of the above factors would make any difference if the work we did wasn’t high quality. One of the responsibilities I have at Logic Web Media is that I have to do a vast amount of research. In order to write effective blogs, I get to learn about a wide array of new topics. Obviously, the internet is my primary research tool, so I read through multiple websites each day. I find myself comparing our sites to the competition, and I swear I’m being objective here, our work is fantastic. I don’t want to say anything negative about other websites, because there definitely are other examples of wonderful work out there. All I can say is that our sites are always uncluttered, easy to navigate, and professionally polished. We come up with unique and modern designs that are beautiful to look at, and invite their guests to stay. It’s pretty awesome to work for a company that delivers a product you believe in. Oh! And the content on all off our sites is like eloquent poetry.


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What’s Cool About Working Here…

I’m the kind of guy who needs to believe in what he does. Working at Logic Web Media has given me a lot of pride in my career, and I know not everyone gets to say that. I’m one lucky writer. If you have any web related needs, contact our team today!